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Tag: british cinema

Film Review: Brakes

Reviewed by Lee Hill

One of the pleasures of regular film going is seeing a favorite actor or actress in a striking cameo or supporting role. Such appearances add immeasurably to the mix of a great film and can salvage or redeem fare one might dismiss or simply forget. Brakes, the self-produced directorial debut of Mercedes Grower, who has appeared in films like Sixteen and Revolver as well as TV series like Nathan Barley, is a look at love that brings a variety of familiar talents to the foreground.

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Film Review: Tommy’s Honour

Who would have thought a film about the early days of golf in Scotland could carry with it this much heart, and emotional turmoil. Held together with an incredibly well crafted narrative, this surprisingly moving tale offers way more than its tittle would suggest.  Directed by Jason Connery (son of Sean Connery) from a screenplay by Pamela Marin, Tommy’s Honour is not only well acted and beautifully portrayed by a brilliantly self-effacing cast, but it is also a film which will have you rethink your preconceived ideas about the sport.

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