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Film Review: Walk of Fame review


Directed by:
Jesse Thomas

Reviewed by:
On Nov 14, 2017
Last modified:Nov 18, 2017

Some films are trashy, but fun. You know the ones I mean, your friend would put them on and they would be about stupid people doing stupid things and eventually fall for one another and so on. We all know that plenty of those movies are great, not just a guilty pleasure, but an actual pleasure. I can absolutely assure you that Walk of Fame is not one of those movies — you will not even get the smallest amount of enjoyment from this movie.

Soon to be consigned to an elusive Netflix category called “How The Hell Did These Movies Get Made” and forgotten about, Walk of Fame is the debut from writer/director Jesse Thomas. It follows a guy called Drew (Scott Eastwood) who keeps failing the bar exam after finishing law school, so he joins an acting academy. I will not give any more description of the plot of this movie, because it barely has one.

So this movie stars Scott Eastwood, the son of big time movie star and director Clint Eastwood who is undoubtedly a very talented an influential figure in the entertainment industry. I think it’s safe to say that Scott isn’t about to follow in his footsteps. The younger Eastwood appears to have no talent for comedy, or acting at all, it would seem. Even his good looks aren’t enough to save this train wreck of a movie.

Like so many bad movies before it, Walk of Fame trades on stereotypes. Every disgusting racist, sexist, or homophobic stereotype you can think of is exploited in this movie. Not only is it in poor taste, it is absolutely and deeply unfunny.

If you Google this film there are plenty of great user reviews about how funny it is and how it successfully skewers Hollywood, etc, etc. Tommy Wisea infamously tried to claim his so-bad-it’s-good film The Room was always intended that way, and this looks like an attempt at a similar thing, claiming the movie is satire after the point. Alas, Walk of Fame fails on that front also. These reviewers, which often refer to the movie’s “zany” or “dark humour”, must have been watching a different film.

Walk of Fame is just not an enjoyable stupid movie to pass the time. It isn’t a successful romance, or comedy, and most of its jokes are in truly poor taste. The cops in the motorcycle and sidecar are the closest it gets to being funny, but only because it is very difficult to not laugh at sidecars.

Director: Jesse Thomas
Writers: Jesse Thomas, Jesse Thomas
Stars: Scott Eastwood, Malcolm McDowell, Chris Kattan

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