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Film Review: The House

What is there to say about a film which wastes not just one comic talent, but one which succeeds in dragging several well loved and respected comedy greats down to its mediocre level. This badly thought out and poorly judged piece of filmmaking, is not only silly and thin on laughs, but it also manages to be so boring that you will find yourself wishing it would just hurry up and end. The usually brilliant Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler look as befuddled by the whole thing as the rest of us, and perhaps wish that they’d never got involved in this mess, judging by their pedestrian performances.

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Alone In Berlin

Adapted from Hans Fallada’s highly acclaimed 1947 novel, Alone In Berlin is a story based on real life events which took place in Berlin at the heights on Nazi rule. Staring Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson, the film delves into one of Europe’s darkest hours and addresses the everyday acts of quiet resistances by ordinary German citizens during that time. Alone In Berlin not only tells an important story about stoic resistance to a hateful destructive ideology, but it also allows these acts of rebellion to be shared with a wider audience. Directed by actor turned director Vincent Perez, Alone In Berlin is expertly crafted visually and has more heart and urgency that you could ever wish for, even if it is ultimately let down by a less than perfect screenplay.

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